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How-To: Make Wet Noses Wiggle

How to Make a Wet Nose Wiggle Complete Article

The ASPCA’s Trish McMillan Loehr, MSc, CPDT, Director, Applied Research and Behavior,
sniffs out some easy scenting games to play with the dogs in your care.

When humans consider ways to enrich the lives of shelter dogs, we imagine things that appeal to our own primary senses: calming colors, pleasant sounds, soft cozy things like toys and beds. While these undoubtedly make our shelters more appealing (especially to those all-important adopters!), we should also pay attention to the sense our dogs use most. Dogs live in a world of scent that we can barely fathom – about 30% of the dog's brain controls her sense of smell. Some dogs have been trained to detect bladder cancer from a urine sample, and trained dogs can follow a trail that is more than a week old. Though we tend to consider some breeds more talented than others at professional scent work, all dogs have the innate tools needed to be successful in simple seek-and-find nose tasks. 


What can you do to make all those wet noses wiggle at your shelter?


Things to try right now:
• Allow the dogs to sniff while on walks, and walk them in different areas each day if possible.
• Add an interesting scent to the bedding, and change the scent frequently. Many facilities have incorporated lavender scents and other fragrances known to promote calmness and relaxation.
• Try “team cleaning” – have a staff member or volunteer walk each dog as their kennel is cleaned. This way, you avoid the dogs coming into close contact with bleach or disinfectant smells  – while maintaining their house training!
• Ventilate kennel areas well - many of our cleaning chemicals bombard those sensitive noses, increasing stress levels.
This Next One Stinks!: Simple Scenting Game from K9 Nose Work Teaching some simple scent tasks to particularly frustrated or bored dogs can help keep their brain cells engaged so that they can better impress adopters. Scenting games are a lot of fun for enrichment staff and volunteers, too. Here’s one to try at your shelter, developed by Jill Marie O’Brien, co-founder of the the K9 Nose Work® program.


“K9 Nose Work is a great way to offer dogs an opportunity to reconnect with one of their most powerful gifts,” says Jill Marie. “We have seen dogs with a multitude of behavioral and emotional challenges overcome or at the least improve in noticeable ways after starting training. Allowing the dog to work independently, problem solve and build perseverance with minimal human interference can really build the dog’s confidence. During more than 14 years in the shelter environment, I've seen so many dogs with broken spirits…I knew that nose work could be an amazing tool to help shelter dogs. My two partners, Amy Herot & Ron Gaunt, and I believe the best gift you can give a dog is the freedom to just be a dog."


What you’ll need
- A collection of 5-8 cardboard boxes
- Super yummy treats
- Fun toys


Prep work
- Evaluate the dogs in advance for any food or resource guarding tendencies. Safety for both the dog and human are key to maintaining a positive K9 Nose Work environment. - Experienced volunteers and staff should guide this activity
- Work the dogs one at a time without the presence of other dogs (This makes it an ideal enrichment game for dogs who don’t love other dogs’ company).


Let the games begin
- Put a smelly, delicious treat like a hot dog slice in one of the boxes, while the dog isn’t looking
- Release the dog to find the treat - As he finds the treat, praise and drop a few “bonus” treats into the box
- Put a fresh treat in the same box
- Rearrange the boxes
- Encourage the dog to find the treat box again How does it work? Watch Red, a superstar pit bull at the New Rochelle Humane


Society, having a great time with one of the early exercises and helping the experts train a room full of volunteers:
If you and your shelter dogs get hooked on scenting, K9 Nose Work offers workshops that address shelter/rescue specific topics and use shelter dogs to model the activity. The National Association of Canine Scent Work has started a program just for shelter and rescue dogs, who can earn a special certificate that can be posted on their kennel. Adopters are able to transfer it to a permanent K9 registration and it applies for any future trials.


CMDART was requested to present to scientists and micro-biologists at the FDA as part of their annual giving campaign through the Combined Federal Campaign. This year, CMDART, presented at the Naval Base in Newport and to members of the Federal Postal Community. Contributions from the CFC helps sustain CMDARTS mission.

Dee and dogs
Pet Owner Prevention Education Training
Making good use of the "calm before the storm"


CMDART is looking for “Preparedness Education Ambassadors” to attend some upcoming trainings to help teach pet owners how to prepare before the next disaster and to help promote our team. CMDART Ambassodor Trainings will be held from 5:30-6:30 the second Tuesday of each month by advanced appointment only (with a minimum confirmation of three people) starting in March. Trainings will be held at the American Red Cross Bldg. 2000 Century Drive, Worcester Rm 210. Contact us if you are interested in taking the CMDART Ambassador training. To insure some best practices for our public education effort, we will also have a briefing prior to each event for those who are new or need a refresh on best practices.
Please sign up for upcoming events at

CMDART is also seeking an Events Coordinator and a Clerk for our Board of Directors.
Relevant experience is required. Please contact if you are interested.


If you are a Federal Employee or know a Federal employee, please ask them to consider making a contribution to CMDART,Inc. Our team has once again been approved to receive donations via the Combined Federal Campaign program through the assistance of the Animal Welfare Fund. The CFC is a program that encourages federal employees to make contributions to charities of their choosing. The CDC reference code for CMDART is # 22157. We are listed under Disaster Animal Response Team for the following five zones: Eastern Massachusetts, Greater Hartford, Northern NE (Vermont and New Hampshire), Rhode Island and Southeast Mass, plus Western Mass. We are very grateful to the Animal Welfare Fund for helping us to get approved again. For those of you who have already contributed, we thank you very much for supporting our mission.





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